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Everything about accumul8 Portfolio Service

What is accumul8?

accumul8 is a Premium Monthly Stock Market Investing Newsletter covering “Follow My Portfolio” service for long term investors seeking to accumulate wealth through equity investing. 

What Subscribers will get?

  • accumul8 Portfolio Trade details (with actual screen shot)

  • Alert on Buy and Sell on the same trading day

  • Detailed Profiling of 1 stock from accumul8 watchlist every month

  • Quarterly review of the overall Portfolio with rebalancing if any

  • Highlighting a stock that qualifies holding for lifetime

What is the investment philosophy of accumul8?

The portfolio will follow a strategic value investing influenced heavily by the teachings of Warren Buffet, Phil Fisher and Peter Lynch.

accumul8 Portfolio aims to invest in Bluechips at Reasonable Price (BARP) to own a collection of outstanding companies a.k.a - “Build your Berkshire”, inspired by Punchcard Investing.

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accumul8 Investing Philosophy

How many stocks will be there in the portfolio?

The goal is to start constructing a 20-stock equal weighted portfolio from scratch over the next few years. Ideally we should be adding 5 to 8 stocks in a year.

While all of them would not qualify for being a Punchcard stock (holding for life), nevertheless, these stocks are invested with a objective of significant capital appreciation over 1-5 years.

Allocation per scrip

On an average, each scrip will be allocated Rs.10000 (8000 to 12000) depending on the share price. Over time we would have invested 2 lacs on 20 scrips.

How much each individual needs to allocate is a function of their investing capital and you can arrive at your allocation in multiples of Rs 10000 invested in accumul8.

E.g., if you wish to have a corpus of 20 lacs in the accumul8 portfolio then an equal weighted allocation will be 1 lac per scrip. Portfolio Rebalancing will be done semi-annually.

What is the investing horizon of accumul8 portfolio?

Stocks picked for this portfolio is with a minimum investing horizon of 1 year and on an average 3 years with an objective of doubling the money every 4 to 5 years.

However, in the case of any new developments which is detrimental to the long-term prospects of the stock like new competitors, changes in regulation, fraud & legal battle etc. then we will swiftly cut our losses and vice versa for booking profits too.

How many trades will be done in a year?

In a year we plan to do on an average 8 to 12 trades. While the general objective is to do 1 buy trade a month , over the last many years I have observed that it is not possible to sync up the purchase of securities with the planetary movements (Calendar Frequency of Monthly / Quarterly) or the Gregorian calendar.

However, every month you can expect detailed profiling of one Bluechip stock from my accumul8 watchlist. However please note a detailed profiling does not mean it has been included in the accumul8 portfolio, but it can help you build a watchlist of quality stocks for further analysis.

Here is a sample detailed profiling:

Sample Analysis IEX

How will I get to know of accumul8 trades?

Trades done in the portfolio will be informed to paid subscribers on the same day. The screen shot of the actual trade done will be shared.

What does “Founding member” mean?

The key objective of accumul8 is to create long term wealth and we will love our subscribers to be on long term plan for aligning with the accumul8 portfolio objectives.

Hence we don’t support monthly options. For those subscribers who want to be on long term option of 3 years, please choose the Founding member option while subscribing.

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